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"A Celebration of Friendship" Solo Exhibition

Dedicated to my friend Maryann Wegloski

Eisemann Center for Performing Arts, March - May 2021

Proceeds benefited AIM at Melanoma Foundation

This exhibition was dedicated to my dear friend, Maryann Wegloski. Maryann made me a better person, a better artist, and a better friend. She did far more for me than I could ever have done for her. The only way to express my gratitude for, my joy in her friendship, was through my work.
As you experience this show, I hope you will feel that gratitude, that joy in paintings reflecting things she loved, things we laughed about together, our shared experiences. Beginning January 2021, I painted in Maryann's honor, 24 paintings in seven weeks. Everyday from January to February, I went to my studio and painted for her. This show is different from my previous solo exhibitions, painting in different styles from Expressionism, Impressionism, Pop-art to impasto.  Maryann passed away on March 11, 2021. She didn't get to see the show in person. I texted her paintings as each was finished and shared them with her in my iPad when visiting her in hospice. It brought her great joy and eased her pain a little. Fourteen painting were sold which raised $14,000 for AIM at Melanoma Foundation. I miss her so much.

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