Artist Statement

Melanie Montgomery Brannan lives in her paintings, moving around and getting lost in a serene place. With her creative talent, she captures emotions on canvas as her paintings evolve through her own personal perspective. Influenced by light, clouds and reflections, Melanie uses layers upon layers to create a great deal of depth and movement in her paintings. Colors and perception beautifully touch her work. Her favorite type of art is impressionism, with Cezanne and Van Gogh among her favorite artists.

Melanie paints with her heart as much as her brush. She moved from a long, prolific career in graphic design to painting and teaching. She expresses her personal strength with every brush stroke.

Melanie has been working on the “Serenity,” series for several years. Each piece is representational of her creative spirit. If you look carefully, you might experience an ethereal feeling of peace in the paintings. The “Serenity” series is her place of peace.

More recently, Melanie created her impasto series. Based in her knowledge of Golden Artist Colors, she is able to apply thick luxurious layers creating a textural work of substance. Her impasto series has received rave reviews, and Melanie is currently featured in a two-page spread of the Blink Art Resource annual trade publication for 2020.

Melanie grew up in the Deep South, earning a BFA from Louisiana Tech University.


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