Una Corda
Serenity Disc 5
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Sehr breit, Sold
Rise, Sold
Poco Ritardando
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Poco Animato
October Sky
Far and Wide
Blue Skys from Now On
di Valse
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Serenity Series


The "Serenity" Series is representational of my creative spirit. If you look carefully, you might experience an ethereal feeling of peace in the paintings.
Customer responses to the paintings:
“Your work is beautiful. It inspires peace and the thoughts 'I wish I was wherever this is’.”

“ is a painting that evokes emotion. You can't just look at it without feeling something.”

"A beautiful dream.“

“I would love to know what you were feeling when you painted this.”

“I'm looking out the window of my spaceship and admiring the beauty of the universe.  

    That's where you took me Melanie!”

“This painting is the most peaceful place. I want to live in it.”

“It makes me feel like I’m I a dream.”


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