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Our Virtual Gallery During QuARTantineTM

Drawing with Matisse We learned how Matisse got his start because of an illness during his 20's, stuck in bed and his mom took care of him. She bought him art supplies to help his boredom which changed art forever. Using one of Matisse's paintings, we learned to see like an artist for all the details of his painting. Sometimes even if we're stuck at home, we can change our lives and maybe even the world.

Warhol's Blotted Ink Technique Warhol, like Matisse, also suffered from illness in childhood. His mom also helped him by drawing with him while he was sick in bed. He developed his Blotted Ink Technique while in college. And we really loved replicating it on TOILET PAPER! Timely, isn't it.

Arnoldo Hurtado's Surrealism  Fort Worth native, Arnoldo Hurtado, believes in making something good come  of the “pause” we are presently in. How can we reinvent and improve ourselves when we are forced to be a quieter place? Since March 5 he has been “stuck” in Barcelona because of the pandemic. We will study Surrealism and talk about Arnoldo’s favorite artist, Vladimir Kush. Arnoldo is joining us live from Barcelona for one class, others classes will get to see a video we’re making specifically for our QuARTantine Classes.